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Try to be visible on the Internet. Participate in various forums and conferences, write articles in magazines, and devote some of your time to charity work. There are lots of requests for assistance in free translation from the non-profit and charitable organizations that do not have the funds, but their sites are very popular and frequently visited. In gratitude for your help in translation, they can post a link to you, which may amend the cost of time on free translation.

Direct mail with the offers of your services to specialized translation agencies and companies is quite effective. By resorting to this method, never send spam - unbidden emails. Before writing to the agency, visit their website and see if they invites translators. In this case, there surely will be a special page with an invitation to work. If such a page doesn’t exist, then the agency at this time is not needed for additional translators. In this case, your letter to the agency can be regarded as spam. At best, they ignore the letter, at worst - place you on the black list, and many other agencies will definitely know about it.

Advertising can be free and paid. On the Internet there are many free boards of different profiles, where you can post your ads out almost every day. The efficiency of such ads, is yet pretty low. Paid advertisement is much more effective. Firstly, paid advertising is placed in a prominent place on sites with good attendance, and secondly, the attitude of clients to paid advertising is much more respectful: if a person places paid advertising of his services, he deserves attention.

There is another way to offer your services - registration in numerous free online databases of translators, but I honestly cannot consider this method in any way effective. Thousands, if not tens of thousands of similar translators are registered in such databases, so the probability of receiving orders through these databases is extremely low.

Finally, I want to appeal to fellow translators. We really need to unite to increase the efficiency of our activity. It’s better to solve problems that I mentioned above in cooperation. For this we need a professional organization. It would seem that the Union of Translators of Russia is the best way to do this. Unfortunately, it seemes that the UTR has as though “missed” globalization, at least, it had no effect on its activity. Created as a creative organization for the type of the Union of Journalists and the Writers Union, and uniting at first only artistic translators, the UTR is trying to develop into a professional organization, but yet it’s not getting very far. And we need an organization that protects us and confirms our status if necessary on the global market. Even the UTR’s website is only in Russian. Just think of the main translation site of the country with no pages in foreign languages! As they say, a shoemaker without shoes. Nuff said! Let alone the accreditation of translators. Instead, it is not known that confirming membership in the UTR, the conditions of entry into which, in particular, for technical translators do not stand up to scrutiny. We need to unite in regional non-profit organizations that aim to work on a global market, and such organizations can then join into the all-Russian association or achieve the reorganization of the UTR’s work.

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