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About 9 million people speak Armenian in Armenia and other countries of the world, where Armenian immigrants live.

Russia and Armenia are connected by close historical relationships, conditioned by their neighbourhood and constant contacts. In spite of the fact, that the main part of the Armenian population speaks Russian to a greater or lesser degree, there is always need for translation from and into Armenian. The main part of orders for translation from Armenian is documents: commercial, industrial and personal.

The Armenian language has a long history and even approximate time of its appearance isn’t known to scientists. But it’s clear when the Armenian language appeared: it was created in 406 year BC and it is the first written evidence of the Armenian language existence.

The first written translation into the Armenian language is translation of the Bible, which was executed soon after the creation of the alphabet. Armenian is the main language, used by the Armenian church.

The majority of linguists believe, that the Armenian language is a language isolate and it has no relatives among other languages. But this point of view isn’t indisputable. As other languages, the Armenian language has dialect variants: Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian. As a rule, when translating from Armenian, one has to deal with the east variant of the Armenian language, as the main part of Russian-Armenian contacts falls on Eastern Armenia.

The grammatical structure of Armenian language is quite complicated. The main grammatical phenomena are similar to characteristic phenomena in other Indo-European languages, but in the course of its development the Armenian language has also acquired some features of neighbouring Caucasian languages. There is a category of case in the Armenian noun system, but there is no category of gender even with pronouns. Perhaps, that is the reason, why Armenians who learn Russian, have special difficulties with the category of gender. The category of gender also causes some problems, when translating from Armenian. Some peculiarities of the Armenian grammar are similar to the peculiarities of German languages: the presence of articles, usage of auxiliary verbs.

Terminology is a great difficulty, when translating from Armenian – as opposed to the majority of other languages, the Armenian language doesn’t borrow established international terms, but creates its own ones, and this process has been progressing for 20 years already. New terms cause many problems for translators from Armenian, as they often come into use before getting into a dictionary.

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