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Translation from French has a list of peculiarities, connected with… its popularity!

The French language has consolidated its official status in Belgium, France, Canada and Sweden, among other official languages. The total number of francophones, i.e. native speakers, accounts for more than 270 million of people. The French language is also one of six working languages of the United Nations and it is widely used as the langage of official documents, meant for international utilization.

The French language is one of the most popular languages: it is popular even in those countries, where it is not formalized in legislation as the official language. The linguists called such phenomenon “francophonie”. Francophonie is considered to be an echo of France imperial conquests. Apart from that, the popularity of the French language is also explained by the native speakers’ craving for changing the place of residence. Nowadays, there is a great variety of French dialects, formed in different territories and differing lexically. These factors extremely complicate the process of translation from French, as well as they toughen requirements for the one, who performs the translation.

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