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In recent years contacts with Spain and the countries of Latin America become more and more frequent, consequently, there appears the need for translation of negotiations, correspondence, documents from the Spanish language. The translation from the Spanish and into Spanish is one of the most popular fields our agency works in.

The Spanish language is closely related to French, Italian, Portuguese and other languages of Romance group. The Spanish language originated from Latin, which, after the Roman conquest, was widely spread on the Iberian peninsula. And after the conquest of Spain by the Arabs in the 8th century, the Spanish language preserved only traces of Arabian.

The Spanish Empire, so powerful in 15-19 centuries, discovered and conquered new lands, spreading the Spanish language there.

Nowadays, the Spanish language is native for more than 350 million people and, apart from that, about 100 million people speak it as a foreign language. According to the number of speakers, for which it is a native one, Spanish keeps the second place in the world, after Chinese, and according to the total number of speakers, the Spanish language keeps the third place in the world (after Chinese and English).

Translation from the Spanish language is one of the most popular directions in the Western world. The major part of the Spanish language speakers live in the Western hemisphere, in the countries of Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Salvador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Bolivia.

A great importance of the Spanish language is corroborated by its official status: this is one of the six languages of the United Nations, the official language of many international organizations, particularly, of the European Union, the Latin Union, the International Union of South American Nations, the Organization of American states.

The Spanish language is also known as Castilian – the Spaniards themselves usually call it like this to single it out of other widespread languages in Spain – Catalan, Basque and Galician.

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