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The Turkish language belongs to the Turkic group and is close to Azerbaijani and Gagauz languages, the native speakers of which may easily understand the Turkish speech. The Turkish language, as many other languages of the Turkic group, has some similar features: agglutination, vowel harmony, the absence of the category of gender.

The Turkish language is spoken by about 77 million people.<

The word order of the Turkish language differs from the word order in the Russian or English language. Thus, in a common Turkish sentence, firstly comes the subject, then the object and then the predicate. Thus, the subject and the predicate are made apart form one another in the sentence and one should read or listen till the end of the sentence for not to lose the sense. This peculiarity of the Turkish syntax should be taken into account when translating from Turkish, for not to get lost in the word connections.

When translating from Turkish into Russian, a great difficulty is presented in Turkish verbal nouns, which are difficult to give equivalents to.

Initially, the Turkish language used original writing system, but later, this writing system was substituted by the Latin alphabet, to which additional symbols were added for designating some typical Turkish sounds. The transfer to the Latin alphabet made it much easier to communicate with the Europeans and translate from Turkish, and considerably increased the number of literate people.

The purity of the Turkish language is protected by the special Association of the Turkish language, which representatives don’t let the borrowings from Arabic, Persian or European languages to interfere into the language, and propose to create new terms with Turkish roots or again to put into practice the words of Ancient Turkish language. Such policy creates great difficulties when translating from the Turkish language, as the translator gets deprived of the possibility to rely on the international terms. Apart from that, the Turkish people themselves acquire problems with understanding, as different generations use different words.

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