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The Ukrainian language is the official language of Ukraine and the national language of the Ukrainians. Ukrainian belongs to the Eastern Slavic subgroup of the Indo-European language family. The Alphabet in the Ukrainian language is based on the Cyrillic writing system with the addition of some letters: i, ї,ґ,є.

The Ukrainian is spoken by about 40 million people of ethnic Ukrainians, living on the territory of the state of Ukraine. More than 37 million people called Ukrainian their native language.

The word stock of the Ukrainian language on a large extent underwent the influence from the Polish: historically since the 18th century and till nowadays, the Polish language was popular on the territories of Galicia. Russian, Byelorussian, Czech, Slovak and Bulgarian were also the sources of many borrowings in Ukrainian. It is the influence of different languages, that conditioned the appearance of the Ukrainian dialects, differing not only on the lexical level, but also on the phonetic. The Western dialect of the Ukrainian considered to be the most archaic: it preserved some survived diphthongs and endings. The literal Ukrainian language has been forming on the basis of the three dialects, belonging to the South-Eastern group.

Interesting fact: the Ukrainian language had more than fifty writing systems, competing with one another in different periods of time: some of them took as a basis the Russian alphabet, the other – the historical spelling, the third – the changed Ukrainian alphabet and so-called “Kharkov spelling”, which is nowadays used by the Ukrainian diaspora abroad. Nowadays the tendencies to converge the Ukrainian and Russian spelling are observed.

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