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The history of translation craft is impossible to separate from the history of the written language: in spite of the fact, that interpretation was the father of translation, it is translation, which was the first to take the shape of an official activity.

The first translations into the German language were aimed at adapting religious texts, written in Latin. They were dated the eighth century of AD and represented German translation of Catholic prayers, Gospel and other sacramental works.

The principle of translation into German may be named as quite innovative: the texts were translated “wort uss wort”, what in translation from German into Russian means “word for word”. This principle didn’t spare the German grammar at all: a translator substituted a Greek word with German, preserving native Greek word order and sentence structure.

Certainly, it was a difficult task to understand this translation. In the 15th century such type of translation was extremely fashionable. Apart from everything else, the German text was lavishly dressed with borrowings from Latin and Greek – according to many humanist philosophers, this made German more rich and expressive. Nevertheless, translation into German by Homer is considered to be almost the best translation from those made into European languages.

Translation from Russian into German becomes the most popular on the edge of the 16-17 centuries. In the course of time, translation laws are being created and the subtleties of the two languages difference are being analyzed, as well as the difference between the mentalities.

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