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The English language as a foreign one is studied in many countries. And if after leaving school or finishing the university the knowledge may be enough for informal communication, they are really not enough for translation of complicated technical literature or literate correspondence. This is the case, when it’s better to put the business in professionals’ hands, moreover, a miser pays twice. In this respect, it must be taken into account, that translation of a specific text and literary translation are two completely different types of translation activity.

For example, the main peculiarity of technical translation is the occurrence of a great number of terms in it, which are difficult to find even in highly specialized dictionaries.

Into the category of technical translation there fall documents, which cover such professional spheres, as software, building, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, energetic etc. Similar documents include manuals, normative documents, catalogues. In scientific-technical texts the material is written accurately, concisely and logically.

Due to complicated development of the English language, the synonymy, including lexical, is widely spread. One and the same notion may be expressed with different words, mainly, of Anglo-Saxon or French origin, what greatly complicates translation form English into Russian, moreover, translation in reverse direction. A significant role in technical text is played by functional words, which create logical connections between the elements of speech.

Nowadays many companies come across the need for translation of technical documents or other materials about the products or services from a foreign language. English technical translation is a job of narrow specialists. They have most various education: these are managers, engineers, scientists, as well as representatives of other professions. It is considered that the best specialists in the sphere of technical texts translation from English into Russian are those, who have relevant qualification, can quickly write technical texts of high quality and possess the skills of translation of technical documentation.

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