Translation of Sites  

Translation of sites (or site localization) is one of the most popular services, provided by different agencies and translation bureaus.

What localization of sites is needed for? – As a rule, this is one of the significant indicators of the fact, that the company is ready to get to the world market. If previously, the site audience was limited to the Russian internet visitors, then its translation into the English language opens opportunities to be noticed by foreign partners and clients.

To perform a literate site translation, you don’t need much: a qualified translator, which knows your subject area and may write “selling” texts. Usually, these are two different people and one of them proof-reads the translated text to get a high-quality marketing product at the end. The selling element in the site content is important, as site, mainly, is a tool of selling.

According to our experience we may clam, that many sites with a long “period of service”, which have been existing in the net for several years are dragging out a miserable existence: they are either abandoned or overloaded with information. If such site is translated one-for-one, that the image of the company will hardly get better. That’s why an internet-project translation is a great pretence for reviewing the necessity of changes, improving and modernizing the site version on the native language.

 Some advice for you before ordering site translation:

  1. Thoroughly study your site and try to answer such questions as: What do you not like in the site? What information do you consider to be unnecessary? Is it easy to find your contact information?

  2. Try to think over, what may interest a foreign partner or a client in your enterprise? Why are you better than others? The competitive advantages should be emphasized separately.

  3. Do you have special offers for foreign partners?

The specialists of “express” translation agency will give you the advice you need, provide technical support of the site and perform high-quality translation on 27 languages of the world. The cost of site translation is calculated on the basis of general price list.

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