Translation services  

Types of services:

Notarial translation from 50 rubles

Document translation from 200 rubles

Technical translation from 270 rubles

Site translation from 230 rubles

Juridical translation from 200 rubles

Oral translation from 550 rubles

Fiction translation from 230 rubles

Interpreter in China from 5000 rubles.

Attention! There are special offers for the most needed branches of translation:

Translation from Chinese to Russian from 630 rubles

Translation from German to Russian from 290 rubles

Translation from Russian to German from 310 rubles

Translation from English to Russian from 245 rubles

Translation from Russian to English from 260 rubles.

The profession of a translator is rooted deep in antiquity. When two countries are situated in close vicinity, their people begin either to wage wars or to trade with each other. In any case, there is no way to do without services of an interpreter, a person, who speaks languages of both countries and helps to develop mutual understanding.

Today, as well as many years before, translation services are in great demand. The development of tourism, migration and international partnership makes these services as often called for as they never were. Corporate, juridical and personal documents require pure professional approach and qualified making up, which preserves a native file format. “Express” translation agencytakes orders for written translation of any difficulty, specialisation and volume. The most widespread branches (translation into Chinese and English) are covered in the whole range of subjects.

In today's world with such hectic life tempo, efficiency is gaining a special importance. And this refers to translation craft not least of all. Professional translation proves to be essential when it concerns successful business relationships. We understand that the fortune of business contacts greatly depends on the speed of professional translator. That being said, we guarantee perfect quality of document translation. A beautiful, competent and accurate text translation will help your company to succeed.

A professional translator should at least be linguistically and verbally competent, experienced in translation and interpreting, and have literary talent. The requirements aren't so small, are they? A professional translates not separate words, but sense, not phrases – but contents.

Having been translating texts of high compexity for several years, the specialists of “Express” translation agency adhere to a certain multistep scheme of working. When getting an order, the first thing, that a translator does is analysing the topic, specific features of the sphere, which the text can be referred to. Then the multistep translation is being performed. Finally, the translator is editing and correcting the text. Such approach enables a specialist to translate the original text with maximum accuracy, matching correct equivalents to special terms, acronyms and other intricate text elements. The translated text is subjected to obligatory verification. A special attention is payed to preserving and rendering the unique style of the author's narration.

The translation of any text is notarized. Notarized translation refers to any translation service, it's a compulsory condition of text certification on the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries. Thus, a notarized translation is a text meeting all the requirements of official document.

In accordance with your desire, we will complete the formalities for the document, without losing the original form of narration. If the original text has tables, figures or any other graphic information, our specialists will accomplish page proofs as like as two peas. The result of the work can be presented in one of the most widespread formats.

You may appeal to us with your order for translation, calling us or filling in the convenient form of application in our site.

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