Services of Translator  

Translator’s services, provided by our agency, include:

  • Translation (more than 25 languages)

  • Consecutive interpretation (with accompaniment of foreign guests)

Services of interpretation are of great popularity. Many companies take advantages of the interpretation services: at reception of foreign quests, joint projects with participation of foreign companies, phone negotiations. The interpreter must not only have a perfect command of a foreign language, but to quickly study new topics, communicate and prepossess people, be stress and load resistant, as he often must translate from morning till late in the evening.

Simultaneous interpretation is a very complicated type of activity, as the translator needs to listen and translate simultaneously. That’s why simultaneous translators always work in pairs, changing each other every 15-20 minutes. This is the way the interpreters work, for example, in the UN and other international organizations. The obvious advantage of simultaneous interpretation is time saving and possibility of synchronous interpretation into several languages (on condition that the audience are in earphones and can choose the language they need). Among obvious disadvantages of this type of translation, is that it is expensive (it is necessary to pay for the services of two translators, not one, to buy special equipment), poor quality and significant percentage of missed information.

Many clients don’t understand the difference between the consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, calling any type of interpretation simultaneous, though in the majourity of cases, they mean consecutive translation.

The cost of interpretation services (oral translation) - //// , in case of ordering more than 8 hours /// (for the English language). You may specify the cost and availability of translators for other languages by the contact phones!

Discounts for translations:

Apart from monthly special offers, we have permanent discounts for orders of more than 50 standard pages (the cost is indicated in the price list, as well as discounts for translation of the same material into two or more languages (3%). You may specify the discount rate, by sending us the text, meant for being translated, and your contacts. You may do it with the help of the order form below. Our manager on duty will contact you in an hour.

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