Legal translation  

The name legal translation refers to translation of texts, in this or that way relating to the law (translation of contracts, warrants, different constituent documents etc.). Such texts have their function in exchanging legal information between people.

Legal translation constantly deals with the problem of discrepancy between the translated realias, i.e. the phenomena, which are peculiar to the legal system in one country and to which special terms are introduced, and don’t exist in the legal system of the other country. In this case the translator needs maximally close and detailed explanation of untranslatable realias, and after that the text is given to an experienced lawyer for being proofread. Such tandem enables to avoid the translation sense misinterpretation.

The legal translations include:

  • translations of warrants;

  • translations of constituent documents of legal people;

  • translations of contracts;

  • translations of legal opinions;

  • translations of apostils and notarial attestations;

  • translation of agreements and contracts.

The specialists of "Express" translation agencies are engaged in performing different types of legal translations. In the course of work, we welcome clients’ help (providing with already translated documents on your topic or compiled vocabularies). We are ready to offer you the best translators for working over your project, and our lawyer – to provide consultative support.

Attention! There is a special offer for legal translation of documents for notarial attestation!

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