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Howlers in the translations for a long time have been attracting the attention both of the translators themselves being for them a source of well-known stories, and literary critics, masking the lack of skills in professional criticism of translations by looking for translation errors.

History of machine translation Pages 1 2 3

In fact, the history of machine translation starts with "Georgetown experiment." The first machine translation was publicly demonstrated in January 1954.

Some features of the stylistic translation devices Pages 1 2 3

One of the most interesting aspects of the theory of translation is the problem of transfer of the stylistic devices of the language.

Topical issues in scientific and technical translation Pages 1 2 3

Today scientific and technical translation in Russia is having hard times to put it mildly. Although the shelves of bookstores are literally crammed with an abundance of insanely expensive translated scientific and technical literature (in particular, computer).

Translator and globalization Pages 1 2 3 4 5

The profession of a translator, like no other, has been subject to change as a result of the rapid development of globalization, and for the better.

Who are freelancers? Pages 1 2

Freelance – a regular occupation in any activity on a freelance basis, for example, on one-time contracts concluded for a specific order.

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