"Express" translation agency  

"Express" translation agency offers services in 72 foreign languages in a wide range of different subject matters.

The advantages of working with us:

1. Easy to contact

It won’t take you much effort to order translation in our company. To calculate the cost of order, you may choose one of the following ways of contact: E-mail, ICQ, telephone call, chat with a manager, on-line order.

2. Quality control

All the translators and proofreaders of our translation agency have higher linguistic education and sufficient working experience, they all had passed a test before they began working with us, and each fulfilled translation undergoes professional proofreading.

3. Reasonable prices

Our translation centre likes to make our clients glad by low prices and we make all the efforts to keep our prices lower than mid-market.

4. Quickness of fulfillment

We excellently understand, that for many of our clients time is money, that’s why we try to fulfill the orders as quickly as it is possible. Our organization is one of the few translation agencies in Chelyabinsk, which accepts orders for express-translations, which require only a few hours for fulfillment.

5. Individual approach

The managers of our agency try to take into account all the wishes of the client, whether it is creation of terms glossary or utilization of certain terminology, design, analogous to the original or formatting in accordance with set standards.

What does a good translation start with?

  • — For instance, an attentive manager, who will promptly calculate the cost of translation and making-up of your materials.
  • — Favourable prices of services, discounts, and special offers.
  • — Competent specialists, who have proved their qualification with diplomas and certificates.
  • — Or comprehensive support for the project - from programmers, makeup designers, consultants, and, of course, native speakers of a language.
  • Or strict observance of all the checkpoints and deadlines?

Good translation starts with an appeal to professional translation agency "Express"!

"Express" translation agency deals with clients from all over theworld. We are available in the majority of popular messengers (including Skype, ICQ), our site provides a possibility to contact us by means of a built-in chat with our manager, and we are ready to answer your requests or letters via E-mail in a matter of minutes.

We offer a complex linguistic and technical support – i.e. we provide interpreting services, explain working procedure with documents for notarization, localize websites and publish the translated content on them, localize software, translate video- and on-line seminars (webinars).

We know that the most needed and widespread language for life and work is English. That's why the majority of translators in our translation agency are specialists in English translation. We have managed to cover the most important and widespread translation subjects as well as rather rare ones: whether it is a standard contract or a medical equipment instruction, yoga lecture or product contents – we are sure to select a specialist right for your need!

Why do our prices very often turn out to be lower than our competitors' ones? We offer efficient services of competent translations for reasonable charges. All the prices stated in the price-list are actual. The mechanism of the cost calculation is clear and transparent: you may estimate the cost of our works yourself, or you'd better send us the files and our manager wil contact you in two hours!

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