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The Greek language belongs to the Indo-European language family, however, it doesn’t have closely related languages. Linguists believe, that the closest relatives of the Greek language are Armenian and Indo-Iranian languages.

The Greek language is one of the most ancient Indo-European languages, with the most ancient writing system. The Greek language greatly influenced many languages and cultures, as the most ancient monuments of many languages are just translations from Greek. Thus, the Bible was translated into Russian from Greek.

The writing system represents a unique Greek alphabet, similar neither to Cyrillic nor to Latin, and at the same time, it is their primogenitor.

The value of Greek language is great, mainly due to Ancient Greek literature, including such masterpieces, as “Iliad” or “Odyssey ”, dialogues of Platon and other works of ancient Greek poets and philosophers. The Greek language is the language of navigation, science, culture and religion. Many scientific and philosophical transactions, firmly rooted in European practice are translations from Greek.

Nowadays English is often used as an international language, and in the times of antiquity, merchants and travellers often used the Greek language, which is not for nothing may be named as one of the first languages of cross-cultural communication. Modern Greek language is one of the official languages of the United Nations, which has an official status in Greece and on Cyprus, where it is native for the main part of population. All in all the Greek language is spoken by approximately 13 million people around the world.

A glimpse of Greek grammar. As well as Russian language, in Greece the nominal parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, pronouns) agree with each other in case, gender and number. In the verbal system of Greek language there are present the categories of mood, number, person, tense, voice and aspect.

And though modern Greek language is notable for the richness of grammatical system and word stock, this is only the rest of true richness of the Ancient Greek language. In comparison with its ancient state, the Greek language has lost many of its grammatical categories. But the words of Ancient Greek language, mainly, have passed into modern Greek language.

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