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Metaphorically speaking, to write a letter to a business partner is the same as to go on a first date with a girl. You need to produce a good impression both by your appearance and manners. Along with that, your business letter is your visiting card. There is no insignificant details, everything is important: the letter-head, the design, the style. It is necessary to follow all the standards, which are not accepted in Russia, but are quite traditional and established in your foreign partners’ country. Certainly, some people may object to it, saying that even abroad there may be familiarities in document execution. Yes, may be, in America itself, business people do not always know the correct way to carry on correspondence with a partner on a lexical, stylistic, and, what is more important, on a psychological level. Some of their business letters are not always a role model in our country. Nevertheless, for reaching success in the business sphere, one needs to show great attention, when carrying on the correspondence. Today, cooperation with foreign partners has a great value in the business sphere, and translation services acquire special urgency.

Translation of any document requires special talents, knowledge and carefulness. The accuracy and literacy of a translator in this context acquire special importance. A slight mistake in translation may lead to significant consequences and play its undesirable role in business negotiations.

The materials of official style include political, promotional and informational, financial documents, patents, licences, certificates etc.

Official documents are toughly regulated. They render information as clearly as it is possible, without misinterpretation and equivocality. Most often they are stereotypical texts.

This results in requirements, which are presented to the official documents. They must be accurate, literate, compressed.

A mistake may not only have an adverse effect on the company’s reputation, but to prevent from conclusion of a lucrative contract. That’s why, big organizations often prefer to ensure themselves against any risks and cooperate with a competent translation agency.

The standards, which are produced to documents in different countries of the world, may differ greatly. If the documents belong to political, economic and legal topics, the translator must possess knowledge in corresponding areas and easily use special terms.

Frequently, citizens, leaving the country and going abroad, need translation agency services to get accurately translated and notarized validated documents.

Official documents translation is a delicate and scrupulous work, which requires from the translator excellent knowledge of strictly specialized terms and following the rules of execution. Mistakes in official documents may lead to serious problems in business process, building partnership relations, applying for a job, moving to a new place of residence and other procedures, which require official information.

Translation of official documentation often requires good knowledge of legal terminology. The specialists must possess knowledge in economic and financial sphere, as well as have professional specialization. Along with that, especially great importance is attached to the translator’s professionalism, as documents’ defects may adversely affect the image of the company.

That’s why, when performing documents translation into Russian language, special attention in “Express” translation agency is paid to accurate rendering of the sense and separate terms, as well as to preserving the original appearance of documents due to high-quality making-up.

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