Translation of Technical Literature and Documentation  

There are several types of documentation, and we used to deal with each of them. We classified them according to the type of technical decision.

The cost of translation of technical documentation begins from 235 roubles (translation from English into Russian). At the final calculation of your project the volume, language of translation and the text complexity are taken into account.

All languages (common topic).

For precise calculation of the translation cost of your order use the form!

The task of the translator of technical texts is to render the facts as precisely as possible, without mistakes in the data. The technical text is full of highly specialized terminology, it has its own stylistics and rules of compatibility.

What translations belong to technical texts? Under the category of technical translations there fall different types of documentation (operation manuals, technical descriptions of devices, processes, equipment), as well as scientific-technical literature on chemistry, programming, biology, electronics etc. That’s why a specialist, translating a technical text, needs not only a diploma of a translator, he needs to possess background knowledge and know a thing or two about the subject.

As a rule, technical documentation is voluminous. That’s why a translator of technical texts must possess significant professionalism to translate to the highest standards and in short periods. And apart from that, to have experience of using dictionaries, reference literature and modern technologies. Nowadays technical translators work in extremely tough conditions: they have to work fast, to execute the job in electronic writing, without mistakes in the terminology interpretation, to identify rare abbreviations, names, units of measurement, as well as to make corrections if the client has another opinion. The norm of translation of technical text is about 5-8 pages a day.

Technical translation includes graphic drawings, drafts, illustrations, diagrams and other graphics. That’s why translation includes making-up of translated document. Thus, translation of technical documentation is complicated complex of provided services.

Nowadays, the agencies, providing translation services, often receive orders for translation of instructions. Russian legal system requires office equipment to be accompanied by translation into Russian. The instruction, as a rule, is very informative and abounds in technical parameters, word clichés. It requires responsible approach. The translator must be literate in the language to render the information clearly.

Scientific-technical approach is another variety of technical translation. The main peculiarity of scientific-technical translation is that it is performed in the manner, which is accepted for use in this sphere. The deviation from the accepted standard immediately becomes noticeable to the reader.

“Express” translation agency cooperates with translators, possessing knowledge in highly-specialized areas and knowing everything necessary for translating technical texts. High standards are set to all specialists. The specialists of our agency will perform translation of a technical text, accurately rendering the content and sense. On this site you may make an order for technical translation of any volume, using convenient form.

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