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Translation can be divided into two major sections: written translation and interpretation. Interpretation has a longer history, but nowadays both kinds are equally in high demand. Our agency is successfully working with different languages ​​- Spanish, Ukrainian, Italian, Chinese and many others. There are different types of written translation, so we are going to cover only the main ones.

Legal translation

This type is considered to be the most complex one, along with the technical translation, as it requires great attention and responsibility from the translator. After all, the following important documents are to be translated:

  • Agreements, contracts (rent, service provision, the transfer of property ownership, etc.);
  • Personal documents (marriage and birth certificates, passports, bank documents, military IDs, etc.).

No mistake can be made while dealing with such texts; this is why this kind of work is assigned to the real specialists. Also, if necessary, you can get professional help with notarization of translated documents.

Technical translation

"Language in language" is a phrase, used by many translators to refer to technical translation, because in addition to language skills, one must also have knowledge of the particular subject of translation. Only highly skilled specialists are assigned to this kind of work, and even their work is checked by the editor that has extensive experience in this very sphere.

Medical translation

This type of translation, more than any other, requires responsibility and carefulness in execution. The reason is that the quality and reliability of the final material may influence one's health, and maybe even life. Accurate translation of medical terminology, exclusion of ambiguous issues is the key to success in this field.

Website translation

Despite being relatively young, this type of translation is at the same time very popular and quite interesting. It includes both the translation itself, and the localization of the website, i.e., preparation of content that suits the cultural fundamentals of the country.

Literary translation

Literary translation is considered to be the most sought-after among translators as it always involves a variety of subjects, the presence of complex expressions and stylistic means. The translator needs to put all his great knowledge and devotion into his work. This type especially stands out if compared to the monotonous and boring technical translation.

General topic translation

It is used both for translation of personal (personal letters) and public (various articles, documents, publications, brochures) texts. It is not as easy as it sounds because in such documents there is plenty of colloquial style, and we all know how rich and unpredictable a language can be.

We guarantee confidentiality and the high quality of the final translation (any subject). During the years of our work we have developed the following principle: the same translators are assigned to work with regular clients, thereby ensuring unity of style and terminology of the final text.

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